3/15/22 - Song "Used To U" released on all music platforms.

1/20/22 - Song & Music Video "False Alarm" released on all platforms.

11/5/21 - Song & Music Video "No Looking Back" released on all platforms.

6/4/21 - Song "HBD" released on all music platforms. 

3/10/21 - Video for "Lost Friends" released on IGTV & YouTube.

2/22/21 - Song "Lost Friends" & EP released on all music platforms.

6/20/20 - "I Don't Want To Post This" featured on Spotify's OUTNOW playlist.

Ryan is currently working on his 4th full-length album and in development on two musical narrative projects. For inquiries, please email

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For immediate release:

Singer-songwriter Ryan Amador and artist-activist Alixa Garcia have collaborated on a new song and video called "False Alarm." The video, which was released today on Garcia's YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages, lends itself as a visual dialogue to accompany the painfully-honest new song. 


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"We've been working on this song and video for the past year and a half, and unfortunately its sentiment could not be more timely. The song is a cry for your attention, not toward a debate over facts and data, but a connection to the heart of the Earth. We wrote from a not-so-distant future about the world we’re creating now; about the kids that are inheriting that world, looking back at us now, wondering what we did and what more we could have done for them." - Ryan Amador


"a new powerful song calling us to honor our Earth and each other" - V (formerly Eve Ensler) 

"Together they create a song that is equally powerful and impossible to ignore."

Q News - Ryan Amador releases a powerful anthem for climate change awareness


"When the poles melted
it deterritorialized humanity
It was the hurricane of consequence
that left us with floodwaters for mirrors
The earthquake that erased borders
and undressed the empire
-our once full-proof shield against the Earth-

it left us bewildered and running
towards the in-between spaces

in search
of what we had given up for convenience

Turns out modernity provided no nutrients
and magic was in abundance when we turned off the lights" 


- Alixa Garcia