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8/12/22 - My 4th full-length album,

"Love In The Age of Anxiety"

has just been released on all major music platforms.

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Click here to Stream "Love In The Age of Anxiety"

Dear Friends / Music Supporters,

Here is my 4th LP “Love In The Age of Anxiety.” In the era of releasing singles, this album acts more like a season of television, i.e. most of the songs have already been released, but I am finally delivering it to you in its entirety, as the collection it was always intended to be.

In all honesty, this album has been quite an emotional wrestle for me.  The content moves through a series of difficult times, beginning at the top of the pandemic and through a my saturn return and a major breakup, which acts as the spine of the album's content.

Some songs are more alternative and experimental, while others deliver more of a standard pop song. This is authentic for me and part of my duplicity during this time.

This album acts as a true “release” for me, in all meanings of the word. And what better way to release it than amidst a full moon.  I’ve been holding onto this energy for a long time, and I’m excited to give the songs to you now and move on from the age of anxiety and into the age of healing and authenticity.

The album’s two primary producers are Daniel Weidlein (Tracks 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 12) and Brett Castro (Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, & 11) who both acted as co-writers throughout. Additional songs were produced by Cameron Spies (Tracks 2 & 9) and Brad Kemp (Track 14).  All 4 are phenomenal musicians and live in 4 different cities, so check them out when you can. The album also features co-writes & features with Alixa Garcia, Emma Jayne, Rose Stoller, John Krause, Henry Koperski, and Odetta Hartman. The photo was taken by Jordan Geiger in front of my shower curtain.

Please enjoy all 14 tracks on “Love In The Age of Anxiety”.

It’s yours now.

Love, Ryan :)

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